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Ooni outdoor pizza ovens

Make pizza.


Ooni Pizza Ovens

Ooni makes pizza simple.

The backyard pizza oven reimagined - the Ooni pizza oven goes from wood-fired flavor to gas-powered consistency - whether 12" or 16" pizzas - our range of portable pizza ovens offer you the pizza oven you want for the backyard or beyond.

Ooni pizza ovens have become famous in a relatively short amount of time and for a simple reason. Every person who has tried to make pizza with an Ooni oven has concluded that this is the best pizza oven on the market for making pizza at home without going out and building your own pizza oven. Part of the success of the Ooni pizza ovens is, their portability: every Ooni pizza oven only requires a relatively small outdoor space to use it.

Simple to set up anywhere!


Key Features of the Ooni Pizza Oven:

  • Fast Heat-Up Time

One of the most impressive features of the Ooni Pizza Oven is its incredibly fast heat-up time. Thanks to its innovative design and use of high-quality materials, the oven reaches temperatures of up to 932°F (500°C) in just 15-20 minutes. This means that you can have restaurant-quality pizzas ready in no time, making it perfect for impromptu gatherings or family dinners.

  • Authentic Wood-Fired Flavor

The Ooni Pizza Oven uses a combination of wood pellets or gas as fuel, depending on the model, to produce that unmistakable wood-fired flavor. The intense heat generated by the oven creates a crispy crust with a tender interior, while the smoky aroma of the burning wood infuses the pizza with a rich, complex taste. Your homemade pizzas will rival those of the finest pizzerias.

  • Portability and Ease of Use

The Ooni Pizza Oven's compact and lightweight design makes it easy to transport and set up wherever you want to cook. Whether you're taking it to a friend's house, camping, or using it in your own backyard, the Ooni Pizza Oven is incredibly user-friendly. Its simple assembly and intuitive controls ensure that even beginners can create mouthwatering pizzas with ease.

  • Versatility

While the Ooni Pizza Oven is primarily designed for making pizzas, its versatility extends to other types of dishes as well. The high-heat environment is perfect for cooking meat, fish, vegetables, and flatbreads, allowing you to create a variety of delicious meals in one convenient appliance. Your culinary creativity can truly shine with the Ooni Pizza Oven.

Benefits of the Ooni Pizza Oven:

  • Enhance Your Outdoor Cooking Experience

The Ooni Pizza Oven is a fantastic addition to your outdoor kitchen setup, giving you the opportunity to create wood-fired pizzas and other dishes in the comfort of your own home. It's a great way to elevate your outdoor cooking and impress your guests with incredible, restaurant-quality pizzas.

  • Save Money on Dining Out

By investing in an Ooni Pizza Oven, you can save money on dining out at pizzerias. With the ability to make authentic wood-fired pizzas at home, you'll be able to enjoy your favorite pizza creations without breaking the bank.Therapeutic and Fun Activity

Cooking with the Ooni Pizza Oven can be a fun and therapeutic activity. The process of making pizza from scratch – kneading the dough, preparing the toppings, and monitoring the cooking process – can be a relaxing and rewarding experience. Plus, sharing your homemade pizzas with friends and family is a great way to bond and create lasting memories.

Ooni began with a quest for authentic pizza — the type with flame-cooked toppings and a leopard-spotted crust. We’ve been empowering people with the knowledge and tools they need to make awesome pizza at home since 2012.

Let’s #makepizza.

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Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Ooni outdoor piza ovens


We’ve been spreading the joy of pizza since 2012, empowering the Ooni community with the knowledge and tools needed to become the best home pizza chefs they can be. 

Why, you ask? It’s simple. We love pizza. Like, a lot.

It’s something everyone can agree on, and there’s always a way to bring people together for a good slice… even if pineapples are involved.

Join us in celebrating all things pizza. Gather with friends and family to enjoy one (or two, or three...), and share it with the world by posting and tagging with #JoyofPizza on social media.

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