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Keeping your car or truck in tip top shape takes the right tools and parts. Doing your own minor car maintenance can save you money. We have a wide selection of maintenance and cleaning products to choose from. And we offer automotive key cutting and key fob programming at a fraction of dealership costs. Time for a car wash? We’ve got cleaning accessories like wax and polish covered. Plus lubricants, oils and fluids to keep things running smoothly. 

7 Simple Car Maintenance Tasks

  • Inspect your battery: At least once a year, check your battery terminals for any signs of dry white battery acid.

  • Change your windshield wiper blades: Check every 6 month for wear and tear. 

  • Change the engine air filter: Check your owner's manual for frequency.

  • Wash your vehicle: Doing so will protect the exteriors of your vehicles and keep them looking like new.

  • Wax your vehicle: At least once a year.

  • Check your engine fluids: Make sure levels are in the normal range

  • Check your tire pressure: A good tire pressure gauge should be considered an essential tool for any driver


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