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best cleaning supplies for all situations

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning your home is never fun and we may not be able to make it fun but we can arm you with all the cleaning supplies you could ever need to tackle even the most stubborn dirt and stains.


Freshen up every room inside and outside of your home with brushes, sponges, mops, dusters and cleaners. Make those offensive scents disappear with our selection of candles and air fresheners. Help rugs, carpet and furniture look like new with rug and upholstery cleaners. We carry brooms and dusters to help keep your floors clean. And gloves, bleach and disinfectant to keep your space safe and germ-free. Before you tackle housework, shop our huge selection of cleaning supplies.

Steak Free Windows: Use a Squeegee

Can't get the window shine using paper towels? Use a professional-grade window squeegee. Place a drop of dish soap in a gallon of water, wipe it generously on the window with a cloth, then squeegee it off. "Go top to bottom and wipe the blade each time at the bottom." 


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