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Big Green Egg smoker and grill

Versatile Cooking with the Big Green Egg


The Big Green Egg is the highest quality, simplest to use and most versatile outdoor cooker on the market, offering more cooking options than all other conventional cookers combined. From appetizers to entrees to desserts, the Big Green Egg grill will exceed your expectations for culinary perfection.

Sear the perfect steaks, pork chops or burgers on the Egg. High temperature for steak house grilling – even at 750°F/400°C – is quick and easy. Using the two dampers for accurate control, you can lower the heat to a more moderate temperature for other grilled foods. Fish and seafood turn out moist and tender with a flavor-packed crust unmatched by other grills.

The Big Green Egg retains heat and moisture so well that foods don’t dry out. Poultry, lamb, beef and vegetables are naturally tastier because the juices and flavors stay locked inside. We also sell a large selection Big Green Egg tools and accessories to help take your cooking creations to the next level. Shop all things Egg online or at your neighborhood store.

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Big Green Egg opened its doors in 1974 in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). Founded by Ed Fisher, the company enabled the entire population of America to acquire a kamado.

Big Green Egg started by importing Japanese and Chinese kamados. After a while, however, the decision was made to use contemporary knowledge, production techniques and innovative materials to further perfect this age-old cooker.

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