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MAGNOLIA HOME by Joanna Gaines

Crafted by Joanna Gaines.

Designer paint at an affordable price from Magnolia Home.

Color your space with paint from Magnolia Home by Joanna Gaines. This premium line has a distinctive palette of 150 colors personally created by Joanna Gaines in partnership with KILZ brand. 

Developed with the goal of making the paint selection process less overwhelming and intimidating, Magnolia home paints are incredibly durable and easy to clean, plus dirt-, grime- and mildew-resistant and stain-blocking. These paints are available in matte, satin and eggshell finishes.

Each interior and exterior paint color in the Joanna Gaines line features fast-drying Kilz technology that works to block and seal stains and odors. With the paint-and-primer-in-one design of Kilz Magnolia paints, any color you choose is ready to brush, roll or spray the moment you open the can. Shop today and find the perfect shade to refresh your home.

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Exterior Paint

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Interior Paint

magnolia home interior paint

Paint Samples, Swatch Cards

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by Joanna Gaines

With a timeless look that has inspired homeowners from coast to coast, Joanna Gaines’ simple, relaxed style is now available in a range of signature paints and applicators from KILZ®, one of the most trusted names in architectural coatings.

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