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Nursery & Landscape Materials

Landscape Materials

At Emigh Ace Hardware we have a full service nursery with a wide selection of plants, flowers, shrubs, roses, fruit trees, bare-root fruit trees, succulents, and landscaping materials like mulch, landscape rock, and landscape fabrics. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff can help you find the right plants depending on your soil conditions. Need drought tolerant plants and trees? Wondering if oyu have enough light or too much light for plants? Ask us. We are here to help!

Check out our helpful videos below and meet our nursery experts.

Types of Landscape Supplies



Made from shredded tree bark, this type of backyard landscaping material works well around trees, shrubs, bushes and flowers both to add visual interest and to help retain ground moisture. Since it helps trap wetness, you won't have to water your plants as often. 


Landscape Rock  

  • Pea pebbles: Around the size of a pea, these aptly named pebbles are commonly used for driveways and to fill in gaps between pavers. 

  • River rock: Larger than pea pebbles and smoother in texture, river rocks are a great option for maintaining direct drainage throughout the lawn. 

  • Lava rock: Since this material is lightweight and rich in color, it's easy to work with and can give any landscaping project an appealing design accent. 


Lawn Edging

If your goal is to create a neat lawn with clean borders, lawn edging products are a must-have. Edging comes in many sizes, shapes and materials. For a charming garden, white picket or cedar edging delivers a classic style that looks great in virtually any setting. If you're trying to keep small animals away from your fruits and vegetables, consider installing mesh fence borders.


Landscape Fabrics 

If your yard or garden areas are prone to weeds, landscape fabric can help to control excessive weed growth and soil erosion while allowing water and moisture to reach your soil so your plants and grass remain healthy.


EGO battery powered tools
Scotts weed killer and fertilizer
Stihl power tools
Toro lawn care



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