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We Can Cut Almost Any Key. Come Test Us Out and See

Updated: Apr 2

At Emigh Ace Hardware we have a full service key cutting facility where we can cut almost any key out there including standard keys, automotive keys with chips and many more!

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May 30

I recently needed a unique key cut for an antique lock, and Locksmith Myrtle Beach did an amazing job! They truly live up to their promise of being able to cut almost any key. Highly recommend their service!


Christian Johnson
Christian Johnson
Apr 30

I was in a pinch and needed a spare key for my apartment ASAP. Locksmith Gastonia NC company provided speedy key-cutting service and went above and beyond to ensure the key worked smoothly.


Apr 17, 2023

Key cutting is a difficult task to perform so that's the reason key makers and professional locksmith experts have been called for that task. Key cutting machines are also not easy to operate that's and keys making is an art that normal people can't perform. I recently got two spare keys from locksmith honolulu team, they took half day to make those keys and those spares are surely going to help me during an emergency.

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